Don’t Let Inspiration Pass You By

Have you ever had an great idea come to you, then because you were in the shower, or you were cooking dinner or something–you didn’t act on it? Then a few hours or days later when you think of it again, you start convincing yourself how silly of an idea it was?

That is EXACTLY WHY you shouldn’t wait to act on it. When inspiration hits you, you need to be ready to capture it and act on it right away, before your negative self-talk gets you down.

See, when you get an idea to do something–that’s magic. That’s when you’re “in the zone” and your creative juices are flowing. Your rational mind hasn’t caught up to shoot your ideas down. DON’T LET THOSE MOMENTS PASS YOU BY!

Those are the golden nuggets that have lead to innovation, ground breaking transformations, and great storytelling. The gems that haven’t been tried, or tested yet, but could be the next great thing.

Your rational mind, left brain, negative self-talk–whatever you want to call it, is there to protect you. It’s there to keep you nice and safe in your little bubble, so that you never try anything new. And if you’re happy doing that–sure, stay there. But nothing great was ever created within your comfort zone. You need to push yourself outside of that to grow and expand.

It’s like a seed in the ground. If it just stayed where it was safe, it would never see the light of day.

So if you’re looking to grow and become a better version of yourself, as I believe we all are, don’t let inspiration pass you by. It might seem like something small–but you never know how you can change someone’s life by even the smallest gesture.

So make that call, email the boss, write that book, and post that video! Because if you wait too long, the idea will move on to another person, and you’ll be left behind thinking “hey, I thought of doing that before, but I didn’t follow through.”

They say Karma is a bitch–but regret is, too.


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