Hurricane Sandy affecting Etobicoke

A street typically bustling with pedestrians is quiet amidst weather warnings of Hurricane Sandy “Well, I usually walk to the grocery store after work, but today, I called my dad for a drive.”  Tells an Etobicoke local. And she’s not the only one changing her plans.  With threats of 100 kph wind gusts and hundredsContinue reading “Hurricane Sandy affecting Etobicoke”

Google and Facebook–no friend to Groupon

Since 2008, aggregate coupon company Groupon has made a big name for itself.  According to Knowledge@Warton, this Chicago-based company is set to bring in $3-$4 billion in revenue this year alone.  That’s about $2 billion more than Facebook pulled in for 2010. But success doesn’t come without imitators.  There’s Wagjag, and Living Social to nameContinue reading “Google and Facebook–no friend to Groupon”

Shopping, as good as porn!

“I get such a rush when I find a deal!” Shopaholic everywhere can relate to that statement–but do you know what that “rush” is equivalent to?  A recent study at the University of Westminster finds that special offers ignite the same level of emotional excitement that someone experiences from sexual arousal. The study says thatContinue reading “Shopping, as good as porn!”

How embracing social media can save your business

A big, established corporation doesn’t need social media–it’s just for the small, new companies, right? Unfortunately, the recent “wheelchair incident” with our nation’s most popular airline proves just the opposite. Air Canada suffered a huge lashing via Twitter the other day because of a disabled boy’s broken wheel chair.  The boy’s aunt had tweeted:  “So.Continue reading “How embracing social media can save your business”

Step-by-step on how to attract more followers on Twitter

Twitter. If you are a celebrity and already have thousands of followers–you won’t need this. But if you are a regular person trying to get your message through to as many people as possible, then read on. Social media has taken the world by storm.  Whether you are a corporation, politician, or a not-for-profit organization–TwitterContinue reading “Step-by-step on how to attract more followers on Twitter”

sexuality you can really put your hands on

“A naked woman kneeling, wearing a toilet roll attached by hosiery to her groin area. On her face is a mask with egg carton eyes.” These are the images in a Tactile Mind –a pornographic book for the blind by Lisa Murphy.  The book has raised tactile images of people in sexual poses with theContinue reading “sexuality you can really put your hands on”

a hockey coach gets his way

“The coach is so respected. Your parents send you away and say, ‘Do what he says.’ At that age, you listen. That’s your first step if you want to play pro.” Sheldon Kennedy is a former NHL hockey player. In 1996 Kennedy stepped forward with complaints of sexual abuse by his former junior level hockeyContinue reading “a hockey coach gets his way”

the 411 on DWW

“I started the band Down With Webster 12 years ago, and I’m still at it. You can do anything you put your mind to…as long as you don’t suck.” -Tyler Armes, bass/keys for Down With Webster. Down With Webster is a Toronto-based progressive/hip-hop/pop band.  The band consists of seven “musical friends” that came together inContinue reading “the 411 on DWW”