Why Booking The Room Is 100% More Important Than Booking The Job

Acting advice on how to stay sane in this crazy industry

Last week I talked about how you should be showing up to auditions with the mindset that you’re there to solve a problem. Even then, you may still not book you the job (I know–The acting industry is HARD). But, if you truly show up bringing what you got, you can still book the room, which is the most important thing you can do for your career.

So, what does that mean? That even if you aren’t right for that specific role (read: not the “right look, height, sound etc.”), if you show that you can breathe life into a character you know very little about in a relatively short period of time, people will trust you to do that time and time again. That means, you’re gonna get called in by that casting director the next time they see something you’re suitable for. That the producers & directors will trust you to show up on set and do what they ask. That you will have not just your mom or agent rooting for your big break–you’ll also build a fan base among those sitting on the other side of the table.

You show up like that consistently–your success is inevitable.

The hard part is to be consistent. Because sometimes, even when you have casting directors calling you in all the time, getting callbacks, getting pinned, you may STILL NOT BOOK. And it can be heartbreaking. I’ve been there. You start to think, “What’s the point?” “I’ve been here a million times, and it never amounts to anything” “This is a waste of my time”.

Sound familiar? That’s what people might call mind trash, negativity, chip on your shoulder. NONE of which is what you want. You need to toss that mentality out, or else it will sabotage you, and what you fear will become your reality.

Every chance you get to audition is a chance to show just how wonderful you are. Don’t blow it by being cranky. No one owes you anything–you have to make it happen by continuing to stay positive, by trusting you are on the right path, continually working on your craft. Remember that there are people rooting for you, and you OWE it to THEM to keep showing up, EVERY SINGLE TIME. That’s the job. That’s what actors that book time and time again do.

Until next time, keep nailing those auditions!


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