The One Phrase You Need To Conquer Nervousness

We’ve all been there. Palms sweaty, heart racing, maybe our hands are a little shaky. Whether we’re heading into a job interview, first date, or audition, it can be nerve wracking! The usual thoughts running through our head is “what if I’m not good enough?” And that can be in any form–not good looking enough, not smart enough, not young enough, not tough enough etc. etc. etc. If we approach the meeting with that mindset, that’s EXACTLY what we’ll come off as.

Picture it, if someone comes in to meet you for the first time, do you want them to seem like they’re grovelling? How awkward is that? Someone who smells of low self-esteem is NOT attractive. When you are applying for a job, or auditioning for a role–you are there to contribute to the team or project. You’re not there just to fill some role, you are written in the script because they think you are a pivotal part of the story. No matter how small. Otherwise, they’ll just cut the part. I trust that the accounting department would love to save some money.

So, what should be going through your head while you’re sitting around waiting for your name to be called? This one phrase will flip the switch in your mind from being nervous to being excited.


Think about it–let it sink in. Whether it’s a job, role, date–whomever it is you are meeting is looking for someone to fulfill a set of duties. THEY need YOU! So show up and give them what they’re looking for. Make their job easy.

And you might be thinking–“okay yes, but there’s a room full of other candidates, JUST LIKE ME, why would they pick me?” Here’s where your work comes in. What is it about you that sets you apart? Don’t try to blend in and be what they expect, be what they DON’T expect. Not in a crazy–“I’m just trying to be different” kinda’ way, but in a true, “I am a snowflake” sort of way.

Let me explain. You know how they’re always saying, there aren’t two snowflakes that are the same? Well, the same goes for people. So highlight what’s special about you. What do you bring to this role? Is it your comedic timing? Your deep, low voice? Is it your bright smile? Did you grow up in an immigrant family? Are you the oldest of five siblings? Any of these things, contribute to how you show up in the world. And that’s what makes you, YOU.

You cannot control if they want someone who’s taller, or shorter, or has a louder laugh than you, but you can control how you showcase yourself, in such way that they think “hey, I believe that this person would say these lines and work well with the rest of the cast and crew (because no one likes a jerk).” AND THAT’S IT. If you can do that, you’ve done your job. And then it doesn’t matter whether you’ve booked THAT job, because you’ve booked the room.

Next week I’ll dive a bit deeper into what “Booking the Room” means, and why that is 100% more important than booking the job. Until then, show up with confidence, and nail those auditions.


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