Have you ever wondered how to make your self-tapes stand-out?

Wanna start booking more commercials from self-tapes WITHOUT paying for a coach every time?

One of the things I found most frustrating was that traditional acting classes focused on teaching you how to analyze long scenes, and to show up ready to audition for big, juicy roles. What you rarely find are classes that teach you how to audition for roles that have less than 5 lines, or sometimes—no lines at all!

Now that most auditions are self-tapes—it’s even worse because not only do you have to worry about how to act, but also how to set up your camera, your lighting, your sound, and of course your surrounding area. You are responsible for your own casting room!

So if you’ve found yourself frustrated and saying things like : “Casting wants me to do what?!” or “Self-tapes are so complicated–I never book off them!” I’m here to help.

This book will give you practical steps on how best to approach your next commercial self-tape so that you can get in the good-books of casting directors and keep your commercial acting career thriving.

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How to Book More Commercials from Your Self-Tape Auditions $9.99

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with the self-tape audition process, or struggling to book commercials from your self-tape auditions–THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

You may think that booking commercials is all based on whether you look the part. That it’s always just based on fluke or whether casting directors like you. Although that is true—your look and likability play a huge role in your bookability. There are also techniques that can help you get more auditions, more callbacks/avail checks, and more bookings.

From self-tape set-up, wardrobe choices, to taking direction—I will give you everything you need to know to ensure you leave every audition feeling confident. Feeling like you booked the room, even if you don’t end up booking the role.

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