What to do Before and After an Audition

What do you do after an audition?

Celebrate? High-five everyone you see cuz you know you just nailed it?

Maybe–but my guess is, you probably run all the million other ways you could’ve done the audition in your head, and beat yourself up for not having thought of them in the ACTUAL audition. Am I right?

I know this, because I just did it the other day. I had an amazing Zoom callback, I felt great about it, it seemed like they liked me. But not five minutes later, I was criticizing myself for all the things I SHOULD’VE done.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry–it happens to the best of us, and to be honest, it’s not that bad of a thing to do. As they say–there’s always room for improvement. But how to do it in a helpful way?

You need to have a post-audition ritual. A set of things you do after each audition to give yourself time to debrief, celebrate your successes, and process things you think might have gone better.

The key is to give yourself a time limit. Because once you walk out of that audition room, or hit submit on your self-tape–it’s out of your hands. Dwelling on the should’ves and what ifs just it’s going to help, but if you actually take the time to process your own notes, maybe next time, you’ll remember those great ideas and actually do them when you’re auditioning.

Some auditions end so quickly, it might leave you like “what happened?” Those are the times you need to ask yourself “Was I really present? Was I really listening to direction, the reader etc.?” If not, then that’s something you need to work on. The job of an actor is to come prepared with ideas, but be flexible enough to play with suggestions once you’re with a scene partner or a director wants to see it a certain way.

Here are some things I suggest you do BEFORE and AFTER an audition:

  1. Come prepared to play. You need to be fully present and pay attention. So you need a way to ground yourself in the moment. I’ve heard of some actors who hit the door frame on the way in as if to high-five the room, some meditate, some simply take some deep breaths. Figure out what works for you, and stick to it.
  2. Celebrate. You just did something 80% of the public NEVER DO. You pitched yourself for a role. You knew the odds of booking was slim (like 5-8%) but you did it anyway–BRAVO!
  3. Nourish your body. You might have been too nervous to eat before, or didn’t want to look bloated, or maybe you were so busy preparing you forgot to. But now that it’s over–you need to replenish. Whether is taking a few minutes to sit and have a meal, snack, or even just a drink of water, you should take the time to relax, and feed yourself.
  4. Move on. Stop focusing on what happened, or how you hope you’re gonna be cast. It’s okay to be excited, but again, getting worked up over an audition and focusing too much on it will only lead to disappointment. Because lets be real–you’re not going to book every single one. Even the ones you nail. But it’s not all for naught–you probably booked the room and that is WAY more important.


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