What it Means to Have an Abundance Mindset

You’ve likely heard the term “Abundance Mindset” batted around a lot. But what does that mean, and how does it apply to actors?

Having an abundance mindset means realizing that there is more than enough to go around, and that you don’t EVER need to be jealous, or wish anyone any harm for fear of losing out.

How many times have you seen a fellow actor post about booking a job, and instead of being happy for them–you feel a pang of envy?

Be honest, now.

And it makes it worse when you’re pretty sure that was a role you also auditioned for, huh?

We’re human, and when you’ve faced as much rejection as we have, it’s typical for you to feel that way. Typical, but it’s NOT NORMAL.

We need to stop normalizing lack mentality and competition in our industry, and start celebrating each other. It may seem like for every one job there’s a room full of actors–but not every job is meant for every actor. Think about it, for every Robert DeNiro, there’s an Al Pacino, every Susan Sarandon there’s a Meryl Streep–catch my drift? Even equally talented, similar looking people will lose out on roles sometimes.

Because no matter how similar two actors may appear, there is always a differentiating factor that leads one person to book over the other. No one can ever be YOU. Your special sauce can never be duplicated, just as you cannot duplicate another’s–no matter how hard you try.

Listen, I get it, it can be a hard pill to swallow when you feel like your best friend keeps getting booked and you’re just always standing on the sidelines. But I’ll tell you what won’t bring you more bookings–feeling like the jealous step-sister. You will bring that energy to your next audition and casting will smell it a mile away. They may not be able to put their finger on it, but your energy will be under the category of “just not right”.

Instead, revel in your friends winning energy, give the positivity that you wish to receive. Congratulate other’s as you would want to be congratulated. Picture how it would feel if you were to book the next role. It’s all about getting in the vibration of abundance, believing that the next booking is just right around the corner.

Something that helped me out a lot in the beginning was the mantra: “What was meant for me will not pass me by.”

You have to trust in the process, trust that you’re here to tell a story, and when the right story comes along–there will be no one else that can play that role but YOU.


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