Hurricane Sandy affecting Etobicoke

Lake Shore Blvd WestA street typically bustling with pedestrians is quiet amidst weather warnings of Hurricane Sandy “Well, I usually walk to the grocery store after work, but today, I called my dad for a drive.”  Tells an Etobicoke local.

And she’s not the only one changing her plans.  With threats of 100 kph wind gusts and hundreds of flights cancelled, thousands are left stranded away from home.
“Yeah, my wife was supposed to come home this morning, but her flight was cancelled and I’m thinking she’s gonna be stuck in Cuba for another day at least.” Says a neighbour.

And rolling up to the local supermarket, you can see that everyone seems to be taking this storm seriously.  The No Frills on Mimico Avenue at Royal York and Lake Shore Blvd West  is inundated with locals filling their shopping carts with bottled water and no-cook foods “Well, if the power goes out, I need to just be able to make sandwiches and stuff.”

But still, there are always those that are willing to take the chance.   One shopper reasons “I drive and live around the corner, I’ll come back later.”

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