The Year of the Dragon may lead to baby boom

You may have heard by now, today is Chinese New Year.  What you many not know, is that this is the Year of the Water Dragon, which only comes around every 60 years.

The Dragon has always been a mythical symbol of tremendous power and strength.  But for the Chinese, the Dragon symbolizes much more.

Approximately 5000 years ago, tribes were fighting against one another.  When the tribe of the Yellow Emperor succeeded, he combined the totems of other tribes.  This included the phoenix, the lion, the snake, the scorpion and the tiger, to form the dragon totem.

By combining these totems, the Dragon represents many powerful animals.  That is why he has a head like a lion, and a tail like the scorpion.  He can fly like the phoenix , has a flexible body like the snake and claws like the tiger.

It is because if these traditional views that we may see a baby boom.

In prosperous or rapidly developing societies  such as Japan, China, Korea or Hong Kong, birth rates have been very low as people are putting career and quality of life ahead of child-bearing.

But because being born in the Year of the Dragon is seen as very auspicious, many young couples are rushing to have a baby by the end of this year.

A poll in Hong Kong showed that 70 per cent of couples there wanted children born under the dragon sign, while South Korea, Vietnam and China all report similar enthusiasm about dragon-year childbearing.

The last Dragon year was in 2000 and the birth rate increased from 1.5 to 1.7 children per Taiwanese woman of childbearing age.

Anyone feeling frisky? 😉

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