Features that give Google+ a one up on Facebook

For those die-hard Facebookers who see no need to join yet another social media site–here are just a few highlights that might change your mind.

First things is how easily your profile can be managed.  Gone are the days you are trying to censor your social life by creating multiple profile pages.  With the “Circle” feature in Google+, you simply section off which circles see what comments, photos, and any articles you may post.  This can be particularly useful for businesses to separate the information for existing clients, potential clients, and the general public.  Conversely, you can also click on your circles to see specific streams from that group of people.

If you are still nervous about what information is available to whom, you can input your boss’s name in the View profile as… field to see how he/she views your profile.

I also love the features that pertain directly to photo security.  You can decide whether to include certain photos on your profile, there is a photo tag approval setting to control what photos others post of you, and there is also an option to display the Geo data of the photo.  If you have Google+ installed on an android phone, any new photos you take will show up instantly with the option of including Geo data.  The Geo setting is something that you can activate to show your friends exactly where a photo is taken.  This feature is disabled by default, but should be considered as a wonderful feature when loading new photos.  You can save yourself a lot of time from having to tag each individual picture on a vacation album.

Another important element is the control you have over stream updates.  How many times have you made just one little comment on a post, and then received 20 other comments that have nothing to do with you.  With Google+, you can “mute” the chattier posts you don’t necessarily need an update on for every new comment.  This can be done right in the notification window, where you can actually make comments as well.  Though it’s a subtle feature, it saves having to load another window to reply to a post.  You can read the whole comment stream, and inject a reply if you wish.

If you realize you’ve made a mistake after you’ve published a comment, you can simply hit the ‘edit’ button included beside the ‘delete’ button.  Again, another small attribute, but we have all made that spelling or grammatical error and felt a torn between having to delete the post all together, or posting another comment directly under it to correct it.

And as a bonus for those of us who are extra expressive–bold, italics, strike throughs, are all possible in Google+ simply by adding an asterisks, underscore, or dashes on either side of the word.

These are just a few of the elements that give Google+ a leg up on Facebook.  But since Mark Zuckerberg was one of the first members checking out the competition–he might just come up with some improvements to level out the playing field.




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