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Google and Facebook–no friend to Groupon

Since 2008, aggregate coupon company Groupon has made a big name for itself.  According to Knowledge@Warton, this Chicago-based company is set to bring in $3-$4 billion in revenue this year alone.  That’s about $2 billion more than Facebook pulled in for 2010.

But success doesn’t come without imitators.  There’s Wagjag, and Living Social to name a few, but none have really interfered with the popularity if the original Groupon.  But now that Google and Facebook want and piece of the pie, Groupon might find itself getting a smaller slice.

Since Google’s reported $6 billion bid to buy Groupon fell through in December, Google has apparently been plotting to figure out a way to rival the coupon provider’s services.  Google Offers is testing it’s own version of an aggregate coupon option in NYC, Oakland, San Francisco, and Portland, Ore. While Facebook Deals has made it’s debut in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and SanFranciso. Wider distribution for each could arrive before the end of the year.

Each service is targeting the masses’ love for social media.  Google Offers is like a combination of Groupon and Foursquare. Once you sign up, you’ll get localized offers sent direct to your inbox.  Check in with Google Places, and any available offer will be revealed to you.  Google wants to be not just a service, but to be seen as a shopping companion.

Facebook Deals is planning on adding insignia to users’ home screens.  When you click on them, it will show all currently available offers.  If you “Like” or purchase a deal, it’ll show up in you news feed.  You’ll also be able to share deals directly with your Facebook friends.


Time to vote!

Now that the Royal Wedding is out of the way, we can focus on somehting a little closer to home.

It can’t be stress enough that it is a tremendous privilege to be able vote and that we should take this opportunity to have our voice heard!

To anyone who usually says:  ”Ah, it doesn’t matter, what’s one vote.”  Please remember that it only takes a straw to break a camel’s back and you could be that straw that tips an election one way or another.

To anyone who says:  ”Ah, I don’t like either one of the leading candidates, so voting for the party I really want won’t matter, it’ll be like throwing my vote away anyway.”  I implore you not to think this way.  We are not the politicians, and we should not be playing “politics”.  We want to show the parties, whether they have the most seats, or the least, what we really think is important.

And, to anyone who says:  ”Ah, I don’t really know enough about the parties to vote.”  Simple–just Google it.  It is easier than ever to get information on party platforms and you can even take quizzes that will tell you which party you agree with most.

So, take the 15 minutes to drive to your local voting station today, on your lunch, or after work, (they’re open till 9:30pm so you can even stroll over after dinner) and just go vote.

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