How embracing social media can save your business

A big, established corporation doesn’t need social media–it’s just for the small, new companies, right? Unfortunately, the recent “wheelchair incident” with our nation’s most popular airline proves just the opposite. Air Canada suffered a huge lashing via Twitter the other day because of a disabled boy’s broken wheel chair.  The boy’s aunt had tweeted:  “So.Continue reading “How embracing social media can save your business”

Living right for you blood type

We’ve heard of them all–Aitken’s, lemonade, Hollywood–diets that offer a way to battle the bulge.  But the latest up-and-coming diet offers a long-term answer to one of life’s biggest mysteries:  Why did the diet work for that person, but not for me?! Well, the answer may be running through our veins–our blood type. According toContinue reading “Living right for you blood type”