Get more viewers on your youtube video

You just shot and edited a great video of your  kid brother Marty making a great goal in his peewee hockey team.  You think it’s hilarious and think the world should see this.  So you post it on to YouTube and give yourself a nice pat on the back.  Now, just wait for it to go viral.

All a matter of time, right?

Not necessarily.  There are things that you can do to increase the hits you get.

First things first, make sure that you check the box for “public” viewing.  Otherwise even if people do want to see your video, they won’t be able to without a special invite/password from you.

Then look up some good keywords.  If you just put “hockey” you’re gonna get a huge selection of videos that will come up before yours and no one will make it to page 135 to see Marty make that goal.  But maybe you can add the word “hilarious” to it.  People love hilarious.

But even then, Marty will get buried.  So try different combinations and try a search for it on Youtube and see what comes up.

Now, invite comments.  Post a question or perhaps other response videos.  This will give your vid a higher rank and boost the views.  And make sure you check back often so you respond to your comments as well.  People want to feel like they matter and if you ignore their comments, it just shows that you don’t really care.

And finally–post  your video on other social media sites.  Put up a link to the video on Facebook so your friends can watch it and hopefully spread the word to their friends.  Announce it on Twitter and let your followers ReTweet it.  And of course, if you have a website–write a little blog about it so it gives more context.

Good luck!

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