Step-by-step on how to attract more followers on Twitter

Twitter. If you are a celebrity and already have thousands of followers–you won’t need this. But if you are a regular person trying to get your message through to as many people as possible, then read on. Social media has taken the world by storm.  Whether you are a corporation, politician, or a not-for-profit organization–TwitterContinue reading “Step-by-step on how to attract more followers on Twitter”

Mermaids that make a real-life splash!

“I’m a mermaid.” That’s what Hannah Fraser answers when you ask her what she is. The Australian native can dive up to 50 feet into the ocean on one single breath–allowing her to engage with underwater wild-life most of us will never know. “I have found a way to integrate with their environment and swimContinue reading “Mermaids that make a real-life splash!”