the 411 on DWW

“I started the band Down With Webster 12 years ago, and I’m still at it. You can do anything you put your mind to…as long as you don’t suck.”

-Tyler Armes, bass/keys for Down With Webster.

Down With Webster is a Toronto-based progressive/hip-hop/pop band.  The band consists of seven “musical friends” that came together in grade eight for a school assignment.  Even though they’re not all a part of the original seven, they have all been friends since middle school.

Since then, they have experienced many successes.  Superstar record producer Timbaland was quoted saying that DWW was “the illest group I’ve ever seen live in person, and you know I’m hard to please.  That group is the most amazing and creative, innovative group that’s going to come out in 2010.”

They attribute their gradual growth to determination.  “We’re relentless.”

So who makes up this unique group?

Bucky on vocals is usually the sweatiest of the bunch.  He radiates heart-pounding energy to the audience to make them jump up and rap along.

Cam’s laid-back rapping style confidently allows the spotlight to stray from him.

Marty will typically be found in boxer briefs, sneakers and knee-high socks, banging the drums and rockin’ a fro.

Kap is the little man with big hype.  Toting a backpack and megaphone, he pushes the excitement level of the crowd to the maximum.

Pat works the guitar and vocals.  Known lovingly as Riff-Raff, his messy hair, plaid shirts and smooth singing voice make him a deserving front man.

Tyler’s calm nature lets him multi-task on-stage.  He handles the bass and keys with brooding poise.

Diggy holds down the fort.  While the rest of the band dazzles the crowd with bustling vigor, Diggy deejays in the background.

With seven eclectic guys in a band, you’d think that it would be chaotic.  But the fact they have known each other for such a long time makes them capable of seeing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.   Plus, they have one rule: No ego!

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