Why wash panties when you can sell them dirty?

Chloe describes herself as “a cute, all american girl with a kinky side.”

Chloe is the proud proprietor of pantyland.wordpress.com, a website that sells her dirty panties.

That’s right.

Those sweaty knickers that you peel off your body at the end the day can earn you up to $200 a pair.

Most of the demand is from men seeking soiled women’ underpants. And ladies are taking advantage of the easy money by posting and selling their previously worn undies online.

“Two-hundred bucks for underwear? I wasn’t up for posing in my panties, but I could totally do that! Unlike sex for money, selling used underwear didn’t feel inherently sleazy or immoral.”  Says a journalist student that gave the money-making idea a try.  The internet is a popular way to get the items on the market and gives most girls a sense of anonymity. But, before they buy, most men request to see a picture of the seller first.  “When I said no pictures of my face and no pictures of me in the panties, the responses dried up.”

The major classified or auctions sites have  filters that will delete profiles that advertise any sexually explicit content.  So suppliers use code words on the high-traffic sites to avoid having their products removed. Once they know someone is interested, they refer the customer back to their personal blog or website. This is where the girls are free to post pictures of themselves modeling the merchandise.

On pantyland.wordpress.com, Chloe  posts pictures of herself in a variety of different panties and urges visitors to vote on the types they prefer.  Visitors like Mike express their gratitude by posting comments under their favourites”…that 2nd shot with your back arched like that, mmm hmmm mmm. So wonderful of you to share!”

Chloe is just one of the many girls that sell their skivvies for cash.  Girls will use different gimmicks to set themselves apart from the competition.  One proprietor will show you the receipt for a new set of panties, then send you photos of her wearing them.  Another girl advertises that she will wear the same pair of underthings for three days, then send them to you in a zip lock bag.

Although this may seem like a shocking new idea, it isn’t. At least not in Japan where they have been selling school-girls’ panties in vending machines and porno stores since the early nineties. And, the more heavily soiled they are, the more they are worth.

Tag lines vary from site to site, but most of them all say the same thing “we wear your request and then send them to you dirty and smelling of our intimate parts.”

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