the 411 on DWW

“I started the band Down With Webster 12 years ago, and I’m still at it. You can do anything you put your mind to…as long as you don’t suck.” -Tyler Armes, bass/keys for Down With Webster. Down With Webster is a Toronto-based progressive/hip-hop/pop band.  The band consists of seven “musical friends” that came together inContinue reading “the 411 on DWW”

“Exercise your right to be informed”

Caroline Myers flicks her hand “Yeah I’ve been cheated on—by every single long-term boyfriend I have ever had.” Caroline is a 31-year-old nursing student.  She has been single for five years now. “You always want to find out and if I had to find out on a T.V. show, I’d do it.” It’s exactly thisContinue reading ““Exercise your right to be informed””

Why wash panties when you can sell them dirty?

Chloe describes herself as “a cute, all american girl with a kinky side.” Chloe is the proud proprietor of, a website that sells her dirty panties. That’s right. Those sweaty knickers that you peel off your body at the end the day can earn you up to $200 a pair. Most of the demandContinue reading “Why wash panties when you can sell them dirty?”