Owning the gold podium

Canada was critisized for it’s “Own the Podium” campaign. Some called it arrogant. Some called it down-right “un-Canadian”. But it has not deterred Canadian athletes from practising what they preach. Canada is still below the United States and Germany in medal counts, but we are leading in the most sought after medal of all–GOLD. DayContinue reading “Owning the gold podium”

The worth of youth and beauty

Claudia sits down at the computer to find that she has just received 17 new emails—all from affluent, established men offering her thousands of dollars to date her; some, just once a month. Claudia is a 26-year-old make-up artist who has joined a dating website called EstablishedMen.com that connects older, successful men with young, beautiful women. Continue reading “The worth of youth and beauty”

The Tiger comes crawling with his tail between his legs

“I’m sorry.” Looking squarely at the camera, those two words poured out of Tiger Woods’ mouth over and over again.  Woods held a news conference today where he delivered a 16 minute scripted apology.  The golfer admitted that he felt that the rules of marriage didn’t apply to him.  He said that because he had worked hard his wholeContinue reading “The Tiger comes crawling with his tail between his legs”