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Owning the gold podium

Canada was critisized for it’s “Own the Podium” campaign. Some called it arrogant. Some called it down-right “un-Canadian”.

But it has not deterred Canadian athletes from practising what they preach.

Canada is still below the United States and Germany in medal counts, but we are leading in the most sought after medal of all–GOLD.

Day after day, our athletes have been pushing themselves to achieve what many have been preparing for all their lives–to earn a place on the podium at the Olympic games. There have been successes, and there have been let downs. But the biggest event is still to come.

At 3:15pm EST, the Canadian Olympic hockey team will have a second chance to do what they should’ve done a week ago–beat out team U.S.A.

Most Canadians don’t want to remember the preliminary round game against our neighbours. The nail-biting game with Brodeur taking most of the heat for the loss. Team Canada then put Luongo in net and battled their way through the Germans, the Russians and the Slovaks to earn their way back into the race for gold.

Now it is time to take our revenge.

But that’s not the only thing riding on our hockey players shoulders. We also have an Olympic record to set.

We have already broken the number of gold medals for any host country for the winter Olympics, and have tied for the most gold medals earned by any one country in the winter Olympics. The gold medal team Canada is expected to win today will break that record.

Will the Canadian hockey players walk out of the 2010 Olympics on-top of the world, or buckling under the pressure?


The worth of youth and beauty

Claudia sits down at the computer to find that she has just received 17 new emails—all from affluent, established men offering her thousands of dollars to date her; some, just once a month.

Claudia is a 26-year-old make-up artist who has joined a dating website called that connects older, successful men with young, beautiful women.  Among the usual profile information listed for the men:  age, height and photo—income also shows up as a category requirement.

A self-described “Sugar Daddy” claims that these websites help him screen potential dates.  He explains that there are basically four categories: The Professionals—who are essentially prostitutes and they go from one man to the next demanding allowances before the first date, The Cougars–who think they should still be considered arm candy, The Established—who are in search of a man who is as successful as them and are ready to marry, then  the class of women that have been in relationships before with men of their own financial status that didn’t work out, and are now ready to try something new.

The offers that some of these young ladies receive vary.  Some are sexual requests.  “Oh yeah, these guys have offered me $5000, $6000 just for one time.” And some are fetish driven “This one guy, he just wanted to be like, my little bitch.  He actually said that he just wanted to be my pet.”

Jay is a real estate investor from New York who has contacted Claudia says that he is not about prostitution and that sex has nothing to do with it.  He even says that the women are welcome to bring their own boyfriends over to stay at his New York residence.  “I’m not gonna tell you what to do, that’s not what I’m about.  What I want is to be a host to your pleasure.”  He says that this is because of his fetish to be submissive and that what he is looking for is someone to be his muse, his requirements: “I’m into looks and height.”

Although Claudia is out to find her a man that is willing to spend thousands of dollars on her, she doesn’t see is as prostitution.  “There is a very fine line, I’m willing to walk it, dance around it, jump right on it, but I’m not willing to cross it.”

She says that the main difference between what she is looking for and actually selling her body for money is the agreement.  “This is mutually beneficial, it’s not a job, and there is not contract.  I am looking for a relationship with a man that will take me out, wine and dine me, and if he decides after a while to, you know, help me out financially, well I just see that as him taking care of his woman.”

That’s the reason why she has chosen to date a man who has not made her any financial propositions, however is the president of a flourishing Canadian company, and so has potential to support her.  “He needs to have a minimum of a six figure income” and with a little chuckle she adds, “mid-six figure is better.”  Among that prerequisite, she counts on her well manicured fingers “needs to be attractive, I’m not willing to date an ugly old man.  He needs to put me first, like if I call his office, I get put through right away—I’m a priority, and after three or four dates, I am expecting a Chanel purse.”

Even though this sounds like a pretty good set up, it’s not always a fairy tale.  Constable Daniel Wacker of the Toronto Police Force says that women should be weary of these sites.  With an inhale, he continues to say “I can’t say all—but most of these men that join these sites are also the type of men that pay a great deal of money, to travel to foreign countries, where it is legal to pay to have sex with children.”

He warns that this may be a less costly, more convenient alternative for the men here in Canada, and because these are sites where adults join of their own free will, it is difficult to monitor the type of information that is being exchanged and thus, difficult to wean out the potentially dangerous.

Claudia does put her safety first, but is not concerned with her present situation, she says that her dates have been fun and casual and her “Sugar Daddy” has been a perfect gentleman.  In December he will be going on a tropical vacation and Claudia would like to have him pay for her to go along.  When asked about her chances, with a flick of her hair and a smile she replies, “It’s in the bag.”



The Tiger comes crawling with his tail between his legs

Courtesy of Entertainment Spotlight

“I’m sorry.”

Looking squarely at the camera, those two words poured out of Tiger Woods’ mouth over and over again.  Woods held a news conference today where he delivered a 16 minute scripted apology.  The golfer admitted that he felt that the rules of marriage didn’t apply to him.  He said that because he had worked hard his whole life, he was “entitled” to his temptations.  Woods confessed that he was “deeply sorry” and he had “a lot to atone for”.

He refuted any speculation that his wife Elin assaulted him, and made it clear that there was and has never been any domestic violence in their relationship.   Tiger went on to state that Elin showed tremendous grace and poise throughout the difficult times.  With a shake of the head and a faltering voice, he continues that Elin “deserves praise, not blame.”

Yet the cause for his accident that spurred this whole ordeal remains a mystery.  Woods says that he and his wife have begun speaking about the future of their marriage, but the details of that will stay between husband and wife.

The golfer acknowledged that there have also been implications that he uses performance enhancing drugs.  To those claims, Woods answers “that is completely and utterly untrue.”

Woods let us have a glimpse of his childhood when he explains that he grew up as a Buddhist.  He recited that “Buddhism teaches that a craving for things outside ourselves causes an unhappy and pointless search for security, and it teaches me to stop following every impulse and learn restraint.”  He said that he forgot what he was taught and that he will be looking to Buddhism for guidance.

Among his apologies, he highlighted the fact that he does have a good side.  13 years ago Tiger Woods and his father started an organization that is dedicated to “helping young people achieve their dreams through education.”  He says that despite all that has happened, his dedication will not waver.

Then Woods criticized the press for their persistent coverage of his family matters.  He said that the press shouldn’t be following his two-and- a half-year-old daughter to school and reporting the location.  Woods proclaims that despite his faults “it is right to shield my family from the public spotlight.”

This press conference did not accept questions at the end, but he did address what all the sports fans of the world really want to know.  Although he was vague about an exact date, he didn’t rule out a come-back this year.

He ended the session with hugs and a plea for help from his fans to “one day, believe in me again.”

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